Our pitch in details


Motion picture industry is on barking  point we're film content is being replaced by digital and flat image by 3-D

Fact stock footage library's are lacking quality 3D content.

Our school and program will assist you in inclusion of your own footage created  in stock footage library'sour unique Charra scope stabilized break having 3-D content in professional format has tremendous advantage and can be used in both fields for flat production were only left eye is used or for 3-D content where footage from left and right eye is being used selling your unique footage from exotic places can easily pay for your trip and tuition new sentence our motto is travel learn create and sell your creation to pay for your expenses  once your footage is purchased from film stock libraries and used in future film or tv we will teach you t how to get on motion picture union roster and join motion pictures unions.

You will learn how to use professional 3-D Panasonic camera handheld on tripod or gyro steady camera

Our advanced gyroscopic stabilize controllable camera rig will be mounted on the top of our transport vehicle. From inside of the vehicle while traveling Beeville be able to fully control camera and motion rig  tilt pan zoom shoot

With i pad monitoring .

You will learn

Different shooting techniques

3-D and flat

Using filters and diffusers

Use of natural and artificial lighting

Proper exposure and light meter

shooting in 3-D composition and 3-D calculators

Shooting flat

Shooting with concealed hidden cameras for your best documentary takes

Camera nMotion gyroscopic's steady cam

Extra for who can rollerblade we will show you  how to use steady cam on the blades to get that $$$ shoot (we are only ones in in the industry)

Postproduction on location

New concept of production  DI technician on location

You will learn

Data management and editing using Final Cut

In 3-D and flat

Color correction and special-effects

3-D finishing different techniques for left and right I convergence

Cineform a 3-D format and software

3-D projector and projection techniques real 3-D polarized glasses

Every evening projection and preview of our 3D footage

You be working in group 4 that the instructor or without